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"Why Chinese Astrology? "

Most people know they have a animal sign for the year they're born however did you know you have 4 animal signs? 



The art of "Destiny Reading"has been around for over 2000 years. The Reading of your natal chart which is calculated from your birthdate and time is also called "Destiny reading, natal readings, BaZi ( in Chinese) or the 4 pillars of destiny. It's similar to western astrological natal readings.

  • You have an animal sign for the year, month, day and HOUR your born 

  • Each animal sign also has a nature element associated with it. 

  • The way the two interact tell a story of your personal energy and how you operate.

Why it's important to know yourself. 

  • Awareness of natural tendencies brings the ability to choose to change what you wish . The good news is that you're NOT STUCK. 

  • For this reason Chinese Astrology give you an accurate reading of the energy you were born with and how you respond. It also let's you know HOW you can change these tendencies. 

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The Animal Signs are "Animals"and

other Common  Misconceptions  



FALSE: "The Chinese Zodiac is referring to an actual animal." 


More than just a singular "animal sign" and in fact it refers to the alignment of planets" 

  • Each sign is made of not only 12 animal signs BUT ALSO 10 elements

  • They combine to make 60 animal signs OR what is known as the "60 pillars"


BOTH TRUE AND FALSE: "The year you're born determines your animal sign"

 You actually have FOUR ANIMAL SIGNS.  One for the year, month, day and hour you are born. Find your animal signs here >


  • The day you're  born is your true self and relates to your romantic relationships. 

  • The month you're born is related to your career or parents.

  • The year you're born is how you relate socially and how people perceive you

  • the hour relates to your hopes, dream aspirations and emotions as well as children