Current/former clients

"Candice has very unique insights to support your life and business. Your perspective will shift in a fun new way!"

Bicycle Repair Shop



Hear from other business owners about how Feng Shui has  helped them see results. Being a business owner can be tough!

After all,  around only 50% of small business survive more than 5 years. Find out how I've helped offer support to local, small business owners to enhance their businesses.  

For Sale


Real estate and Feng Shui go together like peanut butter and jelly. See testimonials on how my services work for not  just for business but also in real estate  

Brainstorm to Success


Many times you have a business idea... but you just need to know your what areas to focus on to execute your business idea and turn your idea into reality!  Read how I've helped clients in YOUR position get started on their business ideas.  

Public Speaker



Sometimes little needs to be done to your space to change your perspective, and get you on the right path. Read how my techniques have helped others with just a reading of their personal energy.