Feng Shui Club- Jan 3rd- 9th

Updated: Jan 6

Due to the shifting energy of the month from rat-ox month, theres only one notable date for the week. On weeks that don't have many days that are notable, don't hold back on doing the normal amount of work or activities. Just save your most important activities for the days with better energy.

The North holds the best energy for the month so use this direction for general work. Put your back to the North while using the area.

Use the "Remove days" to declutter and clean. For advanced application light a candle in Northeast 1 on these days. pray or mediate on removing negative issues or people form your life.

January 6th is an "remove day" making it wonderful for decluttering, putting away the holiday decor or just doing some deep cleaning of closets etc. If you can't go into another year with toxic relationships, this day is also good for ending those relationships.

Avoid visiting sick friends or family.

Lucky direction: West. Use it to make sales. North for general use

Clash Monkey

Harmony Dog, Horse

Combo Pig

Feng Shui activation for the day: Light a candle in the Northwest 1 of your home, work in the area for the day.

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