Make July Your Most Prosperous Month Yet Using Harmony Animals in the Chinese Zodiac

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

When starting your journey into Chinese metaphysics, many start with Feng Shui But quickly learn how BaZi ties in and learn that its more effective when you’re able to tie in your natal chart. Therefore, I’m pushing on some concepts that will boost your Feng Shui activations and help you plan your best days. When your aware of concepts of such as secret friends (read Here) and trinity animals you can looks for years, month or days and of course luck pillars that contain these animals. You can also locate these permanent structures inside you chart. These structures make up a frame of one of four of the five elements.

The trinity animals within the zodiac go as such, Pig, Goat, Rabbit (wood structure). Rooster, Snake, Ox (metal structure). Horse, Tiger, Dog (Fire structure) and Dragon, Rat, Monkey (water structure). As you’ll notice, Earth isn’t included. This is because the “Earth“ animals are still part of the seasons associated with the animals (fire/summer, wood/spring, water/winter, metal/fall) (Read here) Earth element "animals" are considered the tomb of each season and contains a trace of the element or season of which it is the tomb for. This combination can be seen in many permutations throughout your Chinese Natal Chart. If you have 2 of these animals you will gain the 3 harmony when the 3rd comes in, as one of the ways stated above.

How can this information help me?

As mentioned, you can look for years, months (and days if you want to be detailed) that come in to enhance your activations. For example in the month of July/Goat (2019/Pig) you can use rabbit days for you activities and activations, especially since . You can also find these areas within your home to activate as part of this 3 harmony combination. If you already have two of these animals in your birth chart these can prove to be lucky days for you. Let's talk about how to make use of these lucky dates.

How do I plan which days are best?

Using the Chinese almanac or a Tong Shu, most free online, you can look ahead to the "rabbit days" Lucky enough the month of July (2019) has 2 superior dates that happen to line up to be both "Rabbit" and "Success days" (watch video on activations dates here) "Success day" is what is known as a "Day officer" each Day Officer governs the day and comes with a certain set of energies that make it best to avoid or initiate certain activities. Most days that are deemed good will be denoted as a good "dong gong rating" Now, If you're asking what a Dong Gong Rating is, just know if it says good and doesn't conflict your natal chart use it, keep it simple and just use it. These are days you could plan important meetings, launch new business projects, or follow up on important leads and connect with new clients or partners. It's a day that supports most energies and makes them prosperous! This is the sort of energy that is supporting you this month, it's also good for bringing helpful people to you and this is known as your "Nobleman".

Nobleman: What is it and how do I make use of it?

A nobleman in general a helpful person. Within your natal chart you'll always find a preassigned "Nobleman animal" you can look for these animals in others charts, in the day, or sector of your home, etc. they can be found in variously in many ways. So what does a Nobleman do? If you think about it, you can always use a friend. What if you have a flat tire? Need somewhere to talk to? Need to renew you business loan? You don't do these activities on your own. There are always people involved in our daily lives, and we come across these people unknowingly. Have you ever been blessed by the kindness of a stranger or had a relative that is always offering advise or ready to help out? This is the idea of the type of help nobleman can bring. Doing a activation within your home on a day the nobleman energy is there will bring this into your life. Don't forget the other side to it, you can't always receive and not give! You must in return be helpful to others, in return being the nobleman also!

Follow these guidelines for dates and activations and let me know what you've had happen or change in your life. Using this 3 harmony energy can be powerful and effective. But remember you have to take action in combination with the activation, all it does is offer supporting energy. Mark you calendar and start planning your month to make it one of the best yet!

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