July Activation dates

7/10/19 1:30-3 pm

Place water in the north

Remove day: Weight loss, removing people, quitting job

Don’t use for traveling or marriage, starting new projects

Use day to schedule a dr appt if you want to have an illness removed

Especially if u have a tiger in chart

Clash out illness

*Clashes Tiger but ok to use

7/17 1:30-3pm

Success day

Activate the south

Dragon. Virtue for the year. Dragon virtue is good for dissolving disputes, wealth, starting new projects, Turing negative to positive.

Success day:

Marriage, starting new job, moving, burying a loved one, seeing new DR

*clashed horse

29th 1:30-3pm

DO NOT schedule surgery

If your need help from people activate North

*clashes horse

If you activate dragon virtue use South ***DON’T ACTIVATE BOTH***

*clashes rat

North can be activated with a large basin, vase or fountain.

South can be activated with a candle, moving furniture, hammering a nail in the wall **BUT NOT IF YOU’RE PREGNANT**

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