Insights series: When the universe winks

Being in tune with your higher self, the universal consciousness, God or whatever name you identify with is an interesting place to be. You have weird coincidences, synchronicity, and notice the little winks from the universe. For me the past couple weeks, I've had so many coincidences, which I've always heard is the universe showing you you're on the right path. This I believe has been in large because of my journey with Chinese metaphysics and the insights and way I seem to connect and be guided using various methods. The only other time in my life I feel I've experienced this is the year I had a spiritual crisis of sorts which led me away from traditional beliefs. This, and knowing this year is good to develop my intuition by looking at my BaZi (Chinese Natal) chart. I ask everyday in some form or another what I need to focus on or know today. But in the course of my day to day life the universe keeps nudging me. So how is this manifesting in my life and how are some ways it's showing up for me?


One way I notice is thru music. Many times I'll hear a song that catches my attention and seemingly speaks to my current circumstance, then out of the blue it plays randomly at a store or on the radio and I keep hearing and noticing the same song. Music can speak to you thru the message in the words, or simply so you can notice your surroundings and follow the universal clues.


Many times I'll hear a phrase, saying or bible verse that seems to repeat throughout several days or weeks. Repeatedly hearing it or seeing it pop up on my social media or in something I'm reading. Many times I notice a theme in a field of study I'm currently focusing on. Take note of what is being said as this is a message you should pay attention to!

Helpful people

Many times I'll be thinking about something I need and someone will offer me the information or help I need. Always affirm that the universe sends you helpers and those that help you for your highest good. You can also activate the nobleman sector in your home or personal nobleman to assist and help with partnerships.


Unusual patterns or repeatedly seeing the same thing multiple times. Ex, The past week I noted seeing the same car 3 different times. Not like a common car but a tiny, hot pink little car. I previously worked with a lady that drove this exact make, model, and color of car, thats the reason I noticed it in the first place, haven't seen one like it for years then all of a sudden I see 3 in one week. Not a common item, person, animal or even inanimate object. Like seeing a symbol that is meaningful to you repeatedly. This is the universe nudging you to take notice of where its pointing you to. Follow these signs as a marker of being on the right path.

What are some universal clue you notice? If you don't seem to notice any, then it's a good time to take some time everyday to quiet your mind and focus on what you wish to create each day. I take each day to ask the IChing where my focus should be and know I'm on the right path. What is your daily practice?

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