Insight Series: Gestation of Manifestation

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

What if you could think about something and want it so bad your thought comes true? What if you give up on that desire right before it comes to you? What if you held onto the hope knowing you’d get what you desire someday, even if it takes years? Sometimes manifestation has a gestation period. I was shown this yesterday, as i was souvenir shopping.

When he was young, my oldest son (now 20) was obsessed with the character of Naturo, when he was younger he had me cut him a strip of material and with a sharpie he made the design of the Leaf Village so he could be the character. He always wanted a really headband the same as this character and tried to recreate . Yesterday I found this... I immediately grabbed it as a bit of a gag gift. When i showed my husband he said “He manifested it. Sometimes it takes time.” In all the time he watched he’s the show I never found one of these, today as a gag gift, the desire he had years ago came to pass in a gift shop thousands of miles from home.

Although a frivolous example, it’s a reminder that sometimes our desires take longer to manifest but we shouldn’t give up on them. Like planting a seed, the thought takes root, even though you can't see whats happening underneath, one day all of a sudden it sprouts forward and you see it growing!

The sweet ass Naruto headband I scored

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