Insights: Saying Yes Before You’re Ready

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

With Mothers Day around the corner were getting ready to honor our Mother or mother figures in our lives. It seems like a great time to take the opportunity to show these maternal figures gratitude. For me Mother’s Day holds a special meaning, as its LITERALLY the day I became a mother.

I had my oldest son at exactly 12:23 am on Mother’s Day 1998. He was my favorite Mother’s Day gift and the only thing I wanted on that day was to celebrate with my new baby I had been anxiously awaiting on all those months. I was quite nervous becoming a first time mom but also for the fact that I was only 16. I obviously didn’t plan on my Junior year of high school waddling around the halls of my high school pregnant but as the saying goes, we make plans and God laughs. Of all the surprises life has thrown my way my oldest son was by far the best, hands down. Being so young I felt so unprepared not from lack of support from family or an absentee baby daddy, I hit the lottery of supportive parents and my “baby daddy” AKA hubby have now been married 15 years. I just didn’t know what I was doing. I remember our first night at home, I felt so weird and disoriented. I just had a freakin BABY! Regardless of age, I know I'm not who was completely mindblower by the fact that I left to the hospital alone and came back with a baby. Like, a whole extra human was reliant on me. WTF. Crazy right?

I recently saw a post on social media encouraging moms to not worry if they don’t have it all figured out because none of us do. We’re not born understanding how to be parents. We do our best and figure it out as we go. Some days are good others not so much. This got me thinking about life... Isn't everything in life like this? A series of things were not prepared for and have to step up to do. This, combined with the fact that I've been listening to the Marie Furleo book “Everything is Figureoutable“ Particularly the section were she talks about beginning before you’re ready. I can't help but thinking, isn't this is just pretty much life? Starting something before you're ready.

As with so many times in life we're presented with situations where we have to begin before we feel ready. I automatically thought of my impending motherhood as a 16 year old me. I thought of my first job as a hair stylist how I was scared to get near peoples heads but did it anyways! Doing new haircuts and colors and sometimes screwing up BIG TIME. Or how I took a job as a gymnastics assistant (with no prior experience) so I could work "school hours" and be home with my kids in the evenings and weekends. My leap into public speaking to give a lecture on Feng Shui, whichI thought was good at the time but in hind site..kinda sucked. Then I thought back to more difficult life situations, I thought of how at 17, I was left alone to support my son financially when his dad went to prison...then how we got married and I was once again left alone as a mom of two when he went BACK to prison. I remembered how my husband took the leap to quit his dead end job (the only one he could get with multiple felonies) and dare to dream bigger, to dare to think he could do better than hourly pay and start his own business. Saying yes before we were ready. EVERY. TIME.

Sir Richard Branson’s says If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yesthen learn how to do it later,” This is so true not just in parenting but in anything thats worth having in life. When we take steps and opportunity comes, it’s normal to feel that fear that gut reaction that makes us queasy. That’s when we should say YES! Just like parenting , or anything else you’ve been thrown into in life before you’re ready, you’ll figure it out! Today, I challenge you to think back to a time in life you when said yes before you were ready, or we're thrown into a situation you weren't prepared for and think of how you managed to navigate thru it. It makes life not seems so scary right? I think back to that day I became a mother and how everything after that day motivated me to press on, even when situations were hard. How I felt so unprepared but always a managed and it somehow makes me feel if I could say yes to being a mom, then anything that came my way after no matter how difficult could be managed. Say yes to what you feel unprepared for, say yes to the opportunities that come and see how it opens up doors you never thought possible, even if you feel like you suck at it. Wether it's being a mom or a promotion, you'll figure it out.

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