Insight Series: How do I manifest??

Keeping with the theme of manifestation for this post on my Insights series...many wonder how to actually manifest something?? Does it just appear?? Like poof! magically?? The answer in short is no. BUT, don't close that tab yet!! Let me explain how to get what you want in life, wether its a new item, a relationship or that job you've always wanted. It's not magic, at least theres no (arguably) magic spell that can make you hearts desires appear BUT there may be a magic formula...

As stated above, rarely has someone dreamed about wining the lottery, and bought the winning ticket right there and then. I say rarely because it's probably happened, right? So how does it really work? Let me start with a story, I promise I'm making a point. The other day I was taking to my sister and she was lamenting the fact that she lives in a small apartment with her growing family. With the price of California real estate it's a bit out of their comfort zone to buy a house right now. She asked me a great question "How do I manifest a house?" My answer to her was simply start looking, if you don't know what you want how can you manifest it? Its like asking for ice cream but you don't know what flavor you want. Do you want toppings? Cone or Cup? Mmm, ice cream... back to the point. When I was in the market for a house I simply started looking. research the best schools in the area etc. I didn't necessarily have everything lined up but I went around and looked and found one I really liked. I also knew what I didn't want in a home, eventually we settled on the perfect (for us) home. Since the home was in pre-foreclosure from the previous owners we had to wait many months after putting in an offer to have it accepted by the bank and even longer to get a closing date. But I knew in my heart this house was what I wanted. I drove by it almost everyday, I sat in the driveway and envisioned myself in the home, fell asleep at night decorating the rooms in my mind. I started packing unnecessary items. Then one day we got the call the bank accepted our offer & finally a closing date. What did I do to make this happen? Was it really me?

I do believe I helped create this to manifest in my life, here how:

1. I put forth my intent: Have a clear goal on what you want and hold onto it with faith. If you don't know what you DO want, do you at least know what you DON'T want? Start there!

2. I became it: I so throughly envisioned what I wanted that I lived it, even if just in my mind.

3. I took action: I did the necessary actions to put everything in place on my end, put in the offer etc. You still have to put in the work!

4. I let go: I felt I was holding on to the result I wanted so strongly that I needed to release the attachment to the outcome.

What do have the desire for today? Start with the vision and intent and see where it leads you! Your time is coming, but sometimes we don't truly get our desires until we let go of attachment. In my case as mentioned above, I felt I needed to let go of my attachment to outcomes and timelines, so I did a ritual where I wrote down what I wanted to release and burned the papers, then let it go at a park to go back to source. I feel this was most important to the process as I wasn't letting the universe fall into place, I was being too forceful. So, ask yourself today "what do I need to release to allow the universe to work" You may be surprised of the answer that comes to you!

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