Feng Shui and Toilets: The Superstition vs Truth

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In ancient times toilet were considered particularly negative and many of the superstitions and beliefs about toilets are carried into modern times especially in association with Feng Shui. Let’s look at some of the superstitions and see why these beliefs still holds true today and the origin of where they came from. The real reason behind these traditions is due to the poor hygiene practices, and the lack of understanding about germs, viruses and sanitization standards. Thus resulting in superstitious beliefs and customs carried on thru oral history, while also staying inaccurate. These beliefs remain today and are misunderstood and in turn, mis-taught. Let's look at some of these misconceptions, the reason behind them and how to fix them. Can a toilet affect your health, realtionships or even finances?

Where does the belief come from?


Back in ancient China, a toilet was a void or hole in the ground, toilets were considered particularly negative because they contaminated the air. Waste would accumulate and of course we breathe it in and that can make us sick. This of course was the reason for toilets in many societies, to be detached from the home, like an outhouse.

Superstition vs Fact:

Toilets were just large holes , any hole in the ground of your home is of course not good Feng Shui. With modern toilets there is not an open hole in our floors therefore no need to focus too much toilet placement unless the drain directly above your front door or stove. Also, they were super unsanitary.

Was about a toilet in my "health area?

A toilet in ancient China was a dirty place. When toilets were located in the home they smelled, were unsanitary & resulted in illness from bacteria and viruses that become airborne from human waste, such as the stomach flu . Germ multiplied there and caused health problems. With today’s modern understanding of necessary hygiene and cleaning standard, we don’t really need to worry about this.

Can a toilet in my "relationship area" affect my relationship?

Again, a new age concept of a relationship area applies here. When assessing relationship space in the home various factors like your BaZi (natal chart) is considered, as well as the your bed and where you sleep. This is specific to each individual based on their birthday.

So where does this belief come from? When someone is sick, money has to be spent and a lot of money making opportunities are missed. And as you know, No work = no pay. It also has a bad effect on the relationship between family members particularly the husband and the wife because lack of finances can stress couples out , especially if it’s the bread winner that's ill. This is where the belief that toilets are bad for your marriage and wealth come from.

Money down the drain, toilet in the "wealth area" :

Number one there’s no general "wealth area" in your home, this is an New Age concept. A persons financial capacity is individual to each person and can’t be assessed as a one size fits all. To determine what area is best for you to use for wealth opportunities, your birth chart has to be looked at. It’s also impossible for your toilet to "flush away your wealth" as the saying goes. That is unless you place your money in the toilet.

Some of the ancient Feng Shui rules have to be revised. It's misleading to think hanging a item or placing a plant can help with finances. As well as teaching that that flushing the toilet flushes out the wealth. No crystal or color or plant will help “cure“ your bathroom. There’s not even a need to focus on your bathroom unless it’s directly in front of your door as you enter your space.

Toilet by the front door:

This falls under basic "forms", which looks at flow coming into the home. For there to be an issue with your toilet being by your front door. The door has to directly face into the bathroom as you enter. Even in that case, all this means is that all the Qi is flowing to your bathroom, which makes it a wasted space. You can’t work in your bathroom to take advantage of using that space, there's just not enough time spent in the area to reap the benefits. If this I the case with your home or office, simply place a partition between the front door and bathroom, or keep the bathroom door closed

As you can see there's not any original Feng Shui script or scroll that can support hanging a crystal over a toilet. Each individuals personal energy specifically tells a practitioner where to focus for them, it's not one size fits all and a toilet rarely affects you.

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