Indoor Pollution and Designing for Wellness with Meagan Peterson

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

While many of us focus on what we should include in our space, what paint colors to use, what pictures to hang up. Our focus should really be what kind of paints we use, and about designing an environment that supports us. My guest Meagan Peterson, an interior designer, addresses indoor air quality and the topic of designing for wellness.

0:00:05.110,0:00:08.980 How are you doing today? I'm so excited to bring to you a little bit 0:00:08.980,0:00:15.429 more casual vibe to my video I bring you to my couch to sit down and I'm gonna 0:00:15.429,0:00:20.349 interview and talk to some people about a little bit more holistic view of our 0:00:20.349,0:00:26.830 environment and it's not outside the realm of Feng Shui because it very much goes with 0:00:26.830,0:00:31.810 our health and well-being which is you know part of what we desire in 0:00:31.810,0:00:35.920 Feng Shui is to have some balance and some health and a you know of course 0:00:35.920,0:00:40.479 just a sense of well-being an environment that supports us so I often talk about 0:00:40.479,0:00:46.839 that external forms are a large part of your Feng Shui only because we're 0:00:46.839,0:00:53.379 mountains in water and the way the environment is around your space if your 0:00:53.379,0:00:57.040 your internal environments actually activated by these features in your 0:00:57.040,0:00:59.979 external environment however with us spending so much time 0:00:59.979,0:01:03.879 indoors I know it's that we spend up to eighty five to ninety percent of 0:01:03.879,0:01:09.610 time indoors and a recent studies showed that a ninety ninety percent of the 0:01:09.610,0:01:17.650 survey participants actually spend about 22 hours in indoors and so even though 0:01:17.650,0:01:22.150 we may get outside and we may do things like commute to work, we're still in 0:01:22.150,0:01:28.090 an office building and another an additional percentage of that actually 0:01:28.090,0:01:33.160 spent up to 24 hours so they spent the whole day without even leaving their 0:01:33.160,0:01:37.060 home and I will say I know I have probably in some of these categories 0:01:37.060,0:01:42.370 because I actually you know I work from home and a lot of times I'm just so in 0:01:42.370,0:01:45.909 the zone that I don't actually think to just step outside and take a quick 0:01:45.909,0:01:53.560 breaths which you know will we have all benefit from but and so with the indoor 0:01:53.560,0:01:57.700 pollution it's actually a lot worse than outdoor you know in an external 0:01:57.700,0:02:03.310 pollution and so I am very excited to have my guest today and she's going to 0:02:03.310,0:02:07.900 talk to us about some of these internal allergens and triggers you know a lot of 0:02:07.900,0:02:12.280 times when I looked at the Feng Shui forums 0:02:12.280,0:02:17.260 and some things like that online I will see people asking like where can I place 0:02:17.260,0:02:22.870 my carpet or is my colors you know my paint colors okay but they don't really 0:02:22.870,0:02:30.459 stop to focus and think about what is in that pain and what is in our furniture 0:02:30.459,0:02:34.660 and what we're bringing into our home and a great example of this is actually 0:02:34.660,0:02:40.840 my husband, his cousin was having a lot of problems where he was I'm having 0:02:40.840,0:02:44.860 a horrible he didn't know what was wrong with him and his eyes were almost a 0:02:44.860,0:02:48.880 swollen shut and so I mean it was of course very concerning and of course he 0:02:48.880,0:02:52.989 went to the emergency room you know to the doctor and they narrowed it down 0:02:52.989,0:02:57.820 that he had got a new pillow and I think it was one of the ones of the cooling 0:02:57.820,0:03:02.320 stuff in it or memory foam or something but it was triggering off his allergies 0:03:02.320,0:03:07.120 and making his face swell up and so this really made me think you know let's look 0:03:07.120,0:03:10.480 at what we were bringing into our environment and look let's look at how 0:03:10.480,0:03:14.980 we can actually make that a little bit better so here is my guest today I'm so 0:03:14.980,0:03:24.549 excited she's she specializes in the air pollution and some of the you know the 0:03:24.549,0:03:29.860 quality of what we're using in our home and she is an interior designer that 0:03:29.860,0:03:35.530 actually specializes in bringing some of those healthier elements in and she's 0:03:35.530,0:03:40.209 going to talk today about designing for wellness which is her specialty so I'm 0:03:40.209,0:03:44.720 going to welcome today Meagan Peterson from Element design and build 0:03:44.720,0:03:45.790 to make sure 0:03:45.790,0:03:50.140 you stay up to date on new videos and when they go up make sure you subscribe 0:03:50.140,0:03:55.320 and click the little alert button to get notified when new videos are available. 0:03:58.560,0:04:04.319 I'm so happy to today introduce my guest Megan Peterson from Element design and build 0:04:04.319,0:04:09.390 we met about a month ago at the health and wellness symposium and 0:04:09.390,0:04:13.950 what drew me to her is actually the name of her company because of course in Feng 0:04:13.950,0:04:18.300 Shui you know I associated with the elements and so why don't you introduce 0:04:18.300,0:04:23.640 yourself a little bit Megan. Yes so I'm Meagan Petersen owner and interior 0:04:23.660,0:04:28.620 designer with Element Design and Build Element Design Build is a husband and 0:04:28.620,0:04:34.080 wife company we do design and construction and work as a team to 0:04:34.080,0:04:39.720 deliver the very best for our clients. We started our company in about September 0:04:39.720,0:04:48.120 of 2019 and are now just finally kind of going full fledged into it yeah so 0:04:48.120,0:04:53.700 that's kind of us in a nutshell and. I have been an interior designer for about 0:04:53.700,0:05:00.840 six years now and just received my NCIDQ certification in October so I'm very 0:05:00.840,0:05:04.830 excited to finally have that under my belt because it's a very lengthy process 0:05:04.830,0:05:11.120 and I probably took about three years to study so yeah that's kind of u. 0:05:11.120,0:05:16.320 Awesome! So explain your certification what exactly does it entail or include 0:05:16.320,0:05:23.370 yes so NCIDQ stands for National certification for Interior Design 0:05:23.370,0:05:30.090 Qualification and it basically it makes you stand apart from all the designers you 0:05:30.090,0:05:35.220 have to have your degree to have an NCIDQ certification so you have to be 0:05:35.220,0:05:43.830 graduated from a sit q CIDQ accredited school and have a four-year degree under 0:05:43.830,0:05:49.860 your belt and it basically just says that you protect the health safety and 0:05:49.860,0:05:54.750 wear welfare of the public and you're familiar with building codes project 0:05:54.750,0:05:59.940 management and all the things entail with interior design, because interior 0:05:59.940,0:06:02.910 design is a little bit more than just decorating putting pretty things in 0:06:02.910,0:06:07.200 place and you do have to protect you know the people in their facilities or 0:06:07.200,0:06:12.400 their homes so that just tells people that you do you know protect those 0:06:12.400,0:06:15.520 things for people and you know what you're doing and you're gonna follow 0:06:15.520,0:06:22.240 code and not break any laws so and in some states you actually have to have an 0:06:22.240,0:06:28.539 NCIDQ certification to be an interior designer but here in Texas we're 0:06:28.539,0:06:34.120 currently actually battling that so we're kind of we're trying to push that 0:06:34.120,0:06:38.710 you know our profession to have that qualification and we're working 0:06:38.710,0:06:42.180 towards that right now 0:06:43.940,0:06:51.740 What kind of research and you know work I guess goes into the study of designing 0:06:51.740,0:06:58.490 for wellness? Yes, so there's a standard called the "Well Building Standard" and 0:06:58.490,0:07:04.190 and it was developed over a course of seven years, which is a long time and 0:07:04.190,0:07:09.380 there was like scientists, practitioners, doctors all kinds of people 0:07:09.380,0:07:15.260 professionals and that helped develop this standard, and it's directly related 0:07:15.260,0:07:24.140 to our indoor environments. so it focuses on seven concepts. Yeah so there I 0:07:24.140,0:07:28.370 mean seven years and research with scientists is a very, very long time. 0:07:28.370,0:07:33.770 so that's one area that has a lot of documentation on all this stuff and 0:07:33.770,0:07:39.710 that's really where we're basing our concepts on is the Well Building Concept. 0:07:39.710,0:07:44.600 Could you describe or explain what Designing for Wellness is and what it 0:07:44.600,0:07:51.680 includes? Yeah so, Designing for Wellness could be multiple of things. So it could 0:07:51.680,0:07:57.910 be you know, Do we need to reduce stress in your life? Do you need to sleep better? 0:07:57.910,0:08:02.930 or maybe you're experiencing like like health issues that you can actually 0:08:02.930,0:08:08.030 visibly see such as allergies and you know sometimes people will notice like 0:08:08.030,0:08:12.020 if they get back to their house their allergies flare up. That can mean 0:08:12.020,0:08:17.270 something in your house is causing you know that to happen so but there's also 0:08:17.270,0:08:21.710 you know ways to address it in the you know kind of a mental state instead of a 0:08:21.710,0:08:26.600 physical state and so if you aren't sleeping well or if you do you know 0:08:26.600,0:08:31.700 carry a lot of stress and we can design your physical environment to kind of 0:08:31.700,0:08:35.630 change those behaviors in that pattern. I'm sure you know that with Feng shui 0:08:35.630,0:08:40.010 that you'll kind of address the same things and that's kind of why you 0:08:40.010,0:08:44.960 know. This does tie in with feng shui and it's very very interesting but so 0:08:44.960,0:08:48.050 there's kind of that mental aspect in the physical aspect of you know 0:08:48.050,0:08:55.640 designing for health. Awesome, thank you. One of the the things that it is very it 0:08:55.640,0:08:59.490 can be it's very much tailored to each person I 0:08:59.490,0:09:03.660 think kind of like how Feng Shui is. You know you go in and look at were these 0:09:03.660,0:09:08.670 people having problems or what can I do with you know my design and what can we 0:09:08.670,0:09:13.710 incorporate into it to help the person that you know and target their problem 0:09:13.710,0:09:16.400 area in their life 0:09:16.970,0:09:23.300 Lighting plays a huge part in our interior environments and luckily now 0:09:23.300,0:09:27.770 with technology and with science they're kind of discovering that connection so 0:09:27.770,0:09:33.440 you know if you are inside in an indoor environment like most of us are. 90% 0:09:33.440,0:09:39.260 of our day. You aren't really exposed to natural daylight the way that 0:09:39.260,0:09:44.620 your body should be. When we are exposed to the Sun our circadian rhythm 0:09:44.620,0:09:48.860 it's our internal alarm clock . So that tells your body when to wake up and 0:09:48.860,0:09:52.670 when to go to bed. So now they're developing lighting systems that 0:09:52.670,0:09:57.530 actually change colors and change brightness throughout the day and it 0:09:57.530,0:10:05.210 mimics the Sun. That has that same sort of like reaction for your internal 0:10:05.210,0:10:10.760 alarm clock as the Sun would. That promotes better sleeping habits less 0:10:10.760,0:10:16.070 stress less anxiety and then it's very very good for elderly people and people 0:10:16.070,0:10:20.780 who may have dementia or Alzheimer's as well. So we're starting to see like in 0:10:20.780,0:10:25.910 nursing home facilities that they're taking into account of the circadian you 0:10:25.910,0:10:31.670 know rhythm kind of lighting. It just helps the people you know it tells their 0:10:31.670,0:10:35.690 body like when do we need to go to sleep, when do we need to wake up because most 0:10:35.690,0:10:39.290 people with dementia or Alzheimer's don't like they don't pay attention to 0:10:39.290,0:10:42.620 the day. Even if you're a retired person you know you don't have to wake 0:10:42.620,0:10:47.210 up and go to work every single day and your body may or may not know what time 0:10:47.210,0:10:50.180 of the day it is depending on the natural sunlight that comes into your 0:10:50.180,0:10:54.500 home. That does tell your body and it's an automated system so it just 0:10:54.500,0:10:58.210 makes it easy and not something that they need to worry about. 0:10:58.210,0:11:04.640 We know that the sunlight and you know vitamin D and everything, deficiency 0:11:04.640,0:11:09.020 I guess could cause things like depression and stuff like that so would 0:11:09.020,0:11:13.670 it be an option for somebody suffering from some depression to benefit from 0:11:13.670,0:11:18.380 having you come in and look at the lighting situation everything. Definitely, yes 0:11:18.380,0:11:24.050 for sure and these systems to be honest with you they can be very expensive and 0:11:24.050,0:11:29.750 but they can be retrofitted into your existing home. But another way you can 0:11:29.750,0:11:31.910 kind of get that without having to spend so much 0:11:31.910,0:11:37.880 money is just by putting in lamps. So different levels of lighting 0:11:37.880,0:11:43.370 You know maybe your overhead light is kind of this cool blue, more awake, you 0:11:43.370,0:11:47.720 know color. But then your lamps are what you turn on at night and they're a 0:11:47.720,0:11:53.990 warmer color. Something more the 3,500 range and that will tell your 0:11:53.990,0:11:57.950 body. That's a good easy way to kind of change the level of the lighting and 0:11:57.950,0:12:02.180 but also installing like dimmer switches and things like that could be a 0:12:02.180,0:12:07.100 cost-effective way to do that. So you're not having to invest in lighting systems 0:12:07.100,0:12:15.860 that cost thousands of dollars. In Feng Shui one of... a very important factor 0:12:15.860,0:12:21.290 is the Sun you know it's known as the great yang you know. There's even a 0:12:21.290,0:12:26.180 saying that says "where the Sun resides all evil subsides" and there's formulas 0:12:26.180,0:12:33.590 based around when the Sun is in certain positions, you know and even you know do 0:12:33.590,0:12:36.020 a construction on your home your home will be fine it's it's really 0:12:36.020,0:12:40.730 interesting. So to me it's so interesting that you know that we can 0:12:40.730,0:12:44.420 mimic some lighting, some natural lighting and stuff like that but it 0:12:44.420,0:12:48.020 really does drive me crazy when I go in and I'm like open your windows, open the 0:12:48.020,0:12:52.850 blinds up! Get some light in here it helps you have depression that helps with you 0:12:52.850,0:13:00.260 know it helps in all those areas. That's another great point, it's a you know 0:13:00.260,0:13:04.580 that's another very cost-effective way. It's just you know get rid of the blinds 0:13:04.580,0:13:09.320 and like I mean we don't have blinds on our house at all. We just use curtains 0:13:09.320,0:13:13.490 and we do blackout curtains so we'll close them whenever we need it that way 0:13:13.490,0:13:17.300 but other than that they're completely open during the day. That's 0:13:17.300,0:13:21.080 something very easy and definitely cost-effective that you can do and will 0:13:21.080,0:13:24.670 be highly beneficial to someone. 0:13:25.480,0:13:30.310 Tell us about some of the chemicals and stuff like that we're kind of getting on 0:13:30.310,0:13:34.060 a daily basis that we might not be aware of like some of the the hidden dangers. 0:13:34.060,0:13:39.370 Yeah, I'll start with a quote from Winston 0:13:39.370,0:13:44.170 Churchill and he actually said that "First we shape our buildings then our 0:13:44.170,0:13:48.760 building shape us" and I can't agree with that any more. Your environment 0:13:48.760,0:13:54.760 definitely has the ability to shape your not only your behavior but it has the 0:13:54.760,0:14:00.370 ability to affect your health positively or negatively. So some of the 0:14:00.370,0:14:05.590 negative things that we experience in our home is indoor air quality and some 0:14:05.590,0:14:10.960 of that is attributed to like VOCs in our paints those are "volatile organic 0:14:10.960,0:14:16.660 compounds" but off gas from your paint and can make you very sick. It can cause 0:14:16.660,0:14:22.390 allergies and it can cause all sorts of issues breathing issues, things like 0:14:22.390,0:14:26.290 that. As well as like our carpets and our fabrics that are on our 0:14:26.290,0:14:31.330 sofas. So those could contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde actually 0:14:31.330,0:14:35.860 does cause cancer, like most things in life do, but you know it's always it's a 0:14:35.860,0:14:40.090 good thing to be aware of those and just know your options. Because manufacturers 0:14:40.090,0:14:46.060 are seeing this and research is coming out about you know the dangers of VOCs 0:14:46.060,0:14:51.840 and formaldehyde off-gassing things like that and you know they're developing 0:14:51.840,0:14:56.280 solutions. So just knowing what's out there and what is harming you 0:14:56.280,0:14:57.640 is very beneficial. 0:14:57.740,0:14:58.420 0:14:58.580,0:15:01.320 So you mentioned the term off-gassing 0:15:01.330,0:15:05.770 can you kind of explain exactly what that means and how it affects you? It's 0:15:05.770,0:15:11.710 just a chemical. So like for example you know the paint contains volatile organic 0:15:11.710,0:15:17.890 compounds, which is a chemical and it just as it's applied it just releases 0:15:17.890,0:15:23.440 basically fumes into the air they get into your breathing system and you know 0:15:23.440,0:15:27.040 just affect your body in certain ways that's really the best way I can explain 0:15:27.040,0:15:31.660 that I mean it's not something that you can visibly see. But there are tests that 0:15:31.660,0:15:34.740 you can do so a lot of HVAC companies have 0:15:34.740,0:15:39.690 indoor air quality test and I'll stay in a little research this morning too and 0:15:39.690,0:15:43.860 there's like a plug in thing it kind of looks like a Glade plug in and I'll test 0:15:43.860,0:15:49.260 your indoor air quality to see if it's clean or not. So there's definitely ways 0:15:49.260,0:15:53.730 that you can check to see. Because I mean you know sometimes you don't know if 0:15:53.730,0:15:57.750 your paint contains VOCs or not I mean if you just move into your house you 0:15:57.750,0:16:03.300 don't know what that person painted you know the walls with. Awesome, so it's more 0:16:03.300,0:16:07.350 about like the way the fumes are and stuff like that I think we have all 0:16:07.350,0:16:11.670 probably brought something home and we're like man that's really strong 0:16:11.670,0:16:15.360 maybe it sounds like a rubber or it's and we just can't get the smell out, so 0:16:15.360,0:16:21.960 man that's that makes you have it a whole different way. Or even like a new 0:16:21.960,0:16:27.900 floor down and they're using glue or something like that and it smells bad, 0:16:27.900,0:16:32.640 that's not a good thing you know and there's there's all sorts... like I was 0:16:32.640,0:16:36.120 saying there's alternate products for everything and it doesn't mean that it's 0:16:36.120,0:16:41.250 more expensive it just means that it's not I mean it's not promoted as much as 0:16:41.250,0:16:46.340 a normal product is. You just have to do that research and know what's out there. 0:16:47.320,0:16:47.820 0:16:47.820,0:16:53.620 yeah so off-gassing could cause headaches, it can cause allergies, it can 0:16:53.630,0:16:59.209 cause anxiety, depression and all those things I mean it's just not it's not 0:16:59.209,0:17:03.110 good for you at all we've heard stories about you know people having to move 0:17:03.110,0:17:08.300 from their home because their house made them sick you know and now they have to 0:17:08.300,0:17:13.670 always wear a mask wherever they go because they're exposed to those harmful 0:17:13.670,0:17:19.579 chemicals. So it's very interesting but there's I mean there's other ways to do 0:17:19.579,0:17:22.520 it too so it even comes down to like your cleaning products what are you 0:17:22.520,0:17:26.329 using to clean your home with and you know it's kind of like what you know 0:17:26.329,0:17:29.620 what are you eating? You know, what's in your food? What's in your fridge? 0:17:29.620,0:17:33.679 anything that's related to the home there's a cleaner solution and a better 0:17:33.679,0:17:38.720 solution and what's really interesting to me is that it's not only better for 0:17:38.720,0:17:43.940 you and your family but it's better for the environment too and usually if it's 0:17:43.940,0:17:48.610 clean for you it's clean for the planet so and that's kind of one guideline that 0:17:48.610,0:17:52.030 like to follow. 0:17:54.660,0:17:59.940 I you kind of mentioned not just focusing on your environment but also 0:17:59.940,0:18:04.200 focusing on what you're eating and things like that so change the way you feel. 0:18:04.200,0:18:10.230 How do you designed to support that? For sure yeah, so we're kind of seeing a new 0:18:10.230,0:18:14.730 trend since people are realizing that, "Okay I need to exercise, it's very good 0:18:14.730,0:18:19.860 for me" and we're seeing a lot of people incorporate like a fitness room into 0:18:19.860,0:18:24.270 their home and so that just incur- like I said you know it's shaping your 0:18:24.270,0:18:29.520 environment to shape your behavior so if we have a fitness studio in our home or 0:18:29.520,0:18:34.020 yoga room that's going to tell us, I mean it's in your home you know and you see 0:18:34.020,0:18:38.040 it every day so you're more likely to utilize that and change the way that you 0:18:38.040,0:18:43.680 live just because that's there. Another example is say that you want to do 0:18:43.680,0:18:48.030 better for the planet by earth recycling well that's, you know let's design your 0:18:48.030,0:18:52.230 kitchen so that you have room to recycle and it's in a space that you remember to 0:18:52.230,0:18:55.710 do it. You know, so it's things like that it's just how do we shape your 0:18:55.710,0:18:59.970 environment to support the lifestyle that you want to live basically. And 0:18:59.970,0:19:02.760 that's kind of where you know, our questionnaire comes down to you know 0:19:02.760,0:19:09.000 maybe you want your home to be a place of entertainment, and so that's where the 0:19:09.000,0:19:12.660 kind of that lighting comes in - I mean whenever you have guests over and you're 0:19:12.660,0:19:17.490 having like a dinner party and maybe you want some warm intimate lighting and 0:19:17.490,0:19:21.390 want your guests to feel cozy in their space so we're designing your space to 0:19:21.390,0:19:26.820 shape behaviors and how people react in a space together. That's that's one 0:19:26.820,0:19:31.410 of my favorite things about interior design is just that you can be somewhere 0:19:31.410,0:19:36.080 and feel a certain way, but you're not really sure why you feel that way. I 0:19:36.080,0:19:40.530 believe the good design isn't just the way that something looks it's just it's 0:19:40.530,0:19:43.920 the whole experience. You know, it's the food that they're presenting, it's how 0:19:43.920,0:19:48.840 they're presenting it and it's just the space, it's the lighting you know the 0:19:48.840,0:19:54.690 materials the texture. How does that cloth feel, you know on your skin? I 0:19:54.690,0:20:00.660 mean it's just it's an over- it's an experience, you know even with like 0:20:00.660,0:20:06.280 the mind. I have mind on there I'm is one of the concepts for building for wellness 0:20:06.280,0:20:10.480 and so that's again maybe creating a space that's comfortable to meditate in 0:20:10.480,0:20:15.580 and just you know making sure that those priorities are being met within your 0:20:15.580,0:20:19.570 home. There those gentle reminders that you can see daily that 0:20:19.570,0:20:24.040 like, "oh okay, that's my meditation space" and that's where I want to go and I mean 0:20:24.040,0:20:29.140 that's very healthy you know for you to do- safe and healthy 0:20:32.160,0:20:37.100 Designing for color and with color you know I felt like for a while we were 0:20:37.100,0:20:44.440 kind of on that gray tone and gray is very very sterile yeah and it's like 0:20:44.440,0:20:49.520 don't be afraid of color and don't be afraid of adding greenery. You know 0:20:49.520,0:20:52.300 there's a big thing to adding plants into your space and it could be 0:20:52.300,0:20:59.120 artificial or real. It still has that same kind of mental benefit to it. 0:20:59.120,0:21:03.280 You know if you look at a fake plant you might be thinking, you just feel kind of 0:21:03.280,0:21:09.000 soothed with nature. Even if it is fake you know but definitely having real 0:21:09.000,0:21:13.200 plants um does help with the indoor quality as well so if you are having 0:21:13.200,0:21:18.260 indoor air quality problems bring in real plants into the space is very 0:21:18.260,0:21:25.440 beneficial yeah. Awesome, I know you discussed before the topic of Biophilic design 0:21:25.440,0:21:31.580 and so can you explain how you- What first of all explain what it 0:21:31.580,0:21:36.420 is and then explain how you would incorporate that into the space. 0:21:36.420,0:21:41.420 Biophilic design is basically just bring in the nature inside and biophilic 0:21:41.420,0:21:48.000 means love of life and it actually developed from Feng Shui principles so a 0:21:48.000,0:21:52.300 lot of those things kind of cross over it's just more of like it's like a 0:21:52.300,0:21:58.780 modern-day Feng Shui basically. As one article I read about it and yeah so 0:21:58.780,0:22:03.740 ways that you can design with Biophillic design is incorporating plants 0:22:03.740,0:22:09.760 incorporating live walls. But you can also incorporate faux plants too 0:22:09.760,0:22:14.800 Anything that mimics nature and will give you that same sort of effect and it 0:22:14.800,0:22:21.760 has proven to be beneficial for people that have stress have anxiety people in 0:22:21.760,0:22:26.680 workplaces that want to promote productivity and increase productivity 0:22:26.680,0:22:32.380 so things like that and then it also has indoor air quality's as well if you are 0:22:32.380,0:22:36.900 bringing those real plants in so. Biophilic design is definitely something 0:22:36.900,0:22:41.740 that's gaining a lot of traction and it's, it's a new concept so the same way 0:22:41.740,0:22:46.700 that you have contemporary, traditional, transitional design we're now having 0:22:46.700,0:22:51.600 Biophilic design. So it's you know, it's just a way of designing in a different 0:22:51.600,0:22:57.560 concept. A different style kind of. But it definitely has health benefits to it 0:22:57.560,0:23:02.580 yes.I think talking you really made me realize how 0:23:02.580,0:23:06.740 much pollutants we have in our environment and even what we put on our 0:23:06.740,0:23:11.700 skin. And so you know... Yeah, it gives you something to think about you know. You're 0:23:11.700,0:23:17.880 like, "Gosh I never, I never thought about it about it. Yeah, we experience asthma 0:23:17.880,0:23:23.260 symptoms. Or we you know, we might feel sick or might get headaches. You know? I 0:23:23.260,0:23:27.500 know I feel like my kids are very sensitive. And that any kind of fumes they're 0:23:27.500,0:23:33.040 like "that makes my head hurt" You know? Yes. So It's affecting us like 0:23:33.040,0:23:36.940 that. I think we really need to be more cautious of what we're putting our 0:23:36.940,0:23:42.240 space and we're bringing home. So I'm I was so excited to talk to you about this 0:23:42.240,0:23:46.940 and I look forward to to talking some more about you know...some other 0:23:46.940,0:23:50.120 aspects of it. Yeah definitely. Yeah 0:23:52.840,0:23:57.660 You can definitely research designers in your area if you are not local to 0:23:57.660,0:24:03.340 Lubbock and you - 90% of time you can probably find someone who might be doing 0:24:03.340,0:24:07.680 the same thing you know or someone who's trying to do it because designers 0:24:07.680,0:24:11.080 definitely know that this is a an important thing to do and important to 0:24:11.080,0:24:16.680 tell their clients, you know about the effects and the harmful things that 0:24:16.680,0:24:20.500 you know could be in their home so definitely just reach out and do some 0:24:20.500,0:24:24.780 research and ask designers if they have heard anything about it and if they are 0:24:24.780,0:24:30.080 an NCIDQ designer then 90% of the chance that they know about you know 0:24:30.080,0:24:38.160 designing for wellness too - so you can find us on Facebook were Element Design and Build 0:24:38.160,0:24:45.920 okay and so if you want to visit us on our website at You'll 0:24:45.940,0:24:51.400 be able to see a checklist of items, of what not to use in your home and just 0:24:51.400,0:24:55.740 things to look out for so you can kind of go through that checklist and um you 0:24:55.740,0:24:59.700 know look at your home and see what are the things that maybe I can change to 0:24:59.700,0:25:05.140 make my home healthier for my family and I so definitely visit our website. 0:25:05.140,0:25:09.600 Thank you so much Meagan, I really enjoyed talking to you today. 0:25:10.540,0:25:15.520 If you enjoyed today's video make sure you subscribe and click on the alert icon below so you 0:25:15.520,0:25:20.120 can be notified when new videos go up. To learn more about Feng Shui and Chinese 0:25:20.120,0:25:24.000 Metaphysics visit my website at

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