Insights: Commitment and Committing when it’s hard

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Commitment to your vision

It’s said “Where there is no vision, the people will perish”

Think back to when you were a kid and you begged your parents to let you take a music class or play a sport all your friends played? Maybe you didn’t ask and your parents choose your activities? Here’s what happens, you’re excited at first, it’s new and fun! After the fun wears off you get bored, you start asking “Mom, do I have to go to practice today?”. One of two things happen, you either

1. Give up and put no effort in.

2. Give it a try, discover you can improve and maybe get good at it.

Business is much the same way. You have a great idea and it’s fun at first. Then comes some bumps in the road. Finances, family commitments, emotional problems, and it all falls on you, and usually all at once. And this is the make it or break it point which most people just give up because it’s freakin HARD. I personally was tired of being the one that gave up. I was the kid that quit, I quit everything I tried unless it was fun but I refuse to be an adult that quits.

I believe there’s many turning points in life and likewise I can think to quite a few times where I told myself I would make my life different. The very first time I found myself committing to something bigger was when my oldest son was born. There were certain things I wanted for him, to provide for him, to love him and to always be there. Even though we fall short as parents, I can be proud of the fact that I did the best I could and follow thru on my commitment my kids. As adults we have different commitments that are bigger than sports and music lessons. But the point is we all have a level of commitment to those around us but what about to ourselves?

Sometimes we have to be so fed up with the way things are that were forced to commit to making our lives better. Fed up with living in lack, fed up with our sub-par relationships, our baggage and blockages that were forced to change. And today is that day. Doesn’t it make you angry that businesses are suffering because of a month of decreed revenues? Family businesses that have been around for a long time have to shut there doors permanently. Why?? Because of that lack of understanding and education, not because of the pandemic. You have to be so fed up about worrying about you’re business that you’re FORCED to change, because this is the only way you can grow in there times and not wither. The questions we should ask ourselves are

  1. How can I innovate in my industry??

  2. How can I position myself in a way these economic downturns don’t affect me??

Staying motivated to keep yourself from giving up, you have to constantly be motivating yourself. Maybe your parents let you give up on sports but think about a time that you resolved to do something and followed thru. Or maybe your mom didn’t let you quit and made you go to every practice until you were forced to improve, use that lesson as an example of how your work ethic on your business needs to be. As adults we rarely have anyone to push us or motivate us so it’s up to us as individuals to motivate ourselves and lift others up. Think about your “why’s” not the “how‘s”. Think about being fed up and let it drive you to be so uncomfortable in your current position that you get up and do something. Today, I challenge you too discover that why and make a commitment to the vision you have for yourself and your future generations. Be an adult that refuses to quit on your future.

This blog post is a companion to my 5 day Business Challenge, where your challenged to look at 5 areas of your business over 5 days. Daily challenges are issued and cover everything from Feng Shui to your mindset. To participate, visit the page for all related content, downloads and videos: 5 day Business Challenge

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