Best and Worst Feng Shui Areas for 2021

Updated: Feb 2

For added clarity on each direction watch the short videos coming for the month of January.

Still need help locating these areas of your home? Fill out this form on this page for a free energy mapping of your floor plan

Video 1 South: Watch now

Video 2 Northeast: Watch Now

Video 3 North: Watch Now

Video 4 East: Watch Now

Video 5 West: Watch Now

Video 6 Southeast: Watch Now

Video 7 Southwest: Watch Now

Video 8 Northeast- Coming soon

Video 9 Center- Coming Soon

Step 1: Orient yourself with your surroundings by using the compass app on your phone. Watch video for A SUPER EASY WAY TO FIND DIRECTIONS IN YOUR HOME:

Step 2: Get familiar with the directions and adjust your Feng Shui as necessary. Don't do construction, renovations or large digging projects in areas that play host to the inauspicious areas for the year. Renovations can be done using date selection to avoid accidentally triggering the wrong energy.

Still need help locating these areas of your home? Fill out this form on this page for a free energy mapping of your floor plan

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Flying stars for 2021

Established energy patterns such as already using a room, door or sleeping in an area won’t activate the area. Moving rooms or spending more time in a area or using a door you didn’t previously use is considered activating the area.

North - 2 (Earth star) - Generally associated with negativity and causing illness. But can be used for asset accumulation. Metal can be placed here to control the earth

South - 1 (Water Star) - Usually fire or the south would clash the water element of this star. However the star combination actually forms a special, lucky combo! It can be activated through the year with a candle for good results. Use to increase popularity, networking or love interest.

East - 4 (Wood Star) - Be mindful or extra aggression if you use this area often. Can be used for studying, writing etc, as the 4 star supports academic achievements.

West - 8 (Earth Star) - The "Wealth Star" is generally considered a good energy to activate. But be mindful that it won't make money fall from the sky, it's best used to have employees use this area or if you're looking for a new job, use the areas. You can activate with a tall column of water with a plant. Bamboo or water plants nothing specific.

Northwest-7 (Metal Star) - Watch your words and learn new communication skills to help you navigate the energy of being overly outspoken, walk away from the need to argue or be right. No need to place any items.

Northeast - 9 (Fire Star) fire supporting the Earth is a pretty good combination. Activate with candle through the year ONLY if you can locate the sub-sectors (see below) . Avoid activating the grand duke (northeast 1 & 3) with renovations. If you work or sleep in the area, place your BACK to NE. Face Southeast.

Southwest - 3 (Wood Star) - The Wood of the 3 star may cause temperamental issues, control the Wood and support the earth with fire I suggest a salt lamp etc.

Southeast - 5 ( Earth, Hot earth, like lava) Perhaps the most negatively associated energy of them all. The 5 yellow gets the crap end of the stick, but the Wood that is naturally present in the Southeast gives a bit of control to the sector. As a general rule, don't activate the 5 star with water or a candle. Place heavy metal big enough for the sq footage of your home. Items such as 6 metal weights, heavy objects like wrought iron, or a large grandfather clock will do the trick, but some say it's BEST not to activate date with sound. For best results use date selection to place items before the Lunar New Year.

Center - 6 (Metal) The center is a very important as it directs all the energies into the different directions within the building, NEVER place water here or locate a stove directly center in your floorplan . The visiting 6 metal star sets the tone for year, and gives us a hint about how our year can go. 2021 shows great promise and tells us what we focus most on this year is what we will see a return on. So... What will your focus be for 2021??

Advanced: For those who want to really go in depth. The directions can be broken down into sub-sectors.

Use sub-sectors or more detail, check the degrees on the handy guide below to further break each direction down into 3 parts (24 mountain formula) . This is not necessary unless you need to add detail to activate or renovate an area.

Renovations can be scheduled if necessary, energies shift making even "bad areas" able to be renovated. Contact me for details.

Still need help understanding how to locate these areas of your home? I offer a free energy mapping session using your floorpan. Book your session now: BOOK HERE

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