Annual Afflictions: 2020

Every year we have what is known as annual afflictions, these are areas we should avoid starting construction in, likewise avoid important activities in these areas. Sleeping, preparing food and extended work such a locating an office in these areas can cause problems. If your front or "main door " is located in these areas you can use a different door to use another energy instead. To learn more about finding the SUB-SECTORS of each direction read here about the 24 mountain concept.


Grand duke (Tai Sui) North 2- 352.6-7.5

This is the animal sign that govern the year-

*Can cause health problems in elderly, they should avoid sleeping here

*Locating your office here can cause problems with authority

Place your BACK to the North. face south


3 killings 157.6-202.5

*Can cause accidents, mishaps, petty people, loss of money

South 2:

Year breaker 172.6-187.5

Avoid over activating and renovations for the year


5 yellow (flying star) 67.6-112.5

*Can cause health related issues or mishaps

Avoid an east located bedroom, or kitchen, avoid renovations

Although the 5 star is located here for the year, it contains good stars also, even though there may be issues, they'll be resolved with the good stars.

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