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Exclusive FREE content!  Try one of the 5 day Feng Shui Challenges! 5 days to shift your space. 

Do you want to take you business to the next level? Maybe you're on the opposite end and you're struggling to stay afloat? This challenge is PERFECT for you! Focused on more than Feng Shui, the 5 day Business Challenge, comes with videos, and downloadable pdf's to walk you thru focusing on 5 areas of your business in 5 days. This will challenge you to put in work and think about whats working and what isn't. 

This Challenge addresses everything from Feng Shui to business system and mindset. What are you struggling with in your business? This challenge will shift your mindset for success.


Do you want to start with Feng Shui and don't know where? Do you feel more confused the more you how to's search online? I've been there! It's one of the biggest reasons I teach so much!


So, where can you start to feel a shift in your space? This 5 day Challenge includes 5 full color Pdf's checklists to follow to see a difference in your environment. You don't need to implement every suggestion, pick a couple off the list daily and note changes in your feelings, maybe you notice an area of your life you were previously stuck in, suddenly shift!  The possibilities are endless and results are sure to follow 


Working from home while kids simultaneously home school is a huge challenge. How can we support them while we all make this giant change to our lives? Answer: 1. be kind to yourself. 2. Give this challenge a try! 

5 day Feng Shui challenge for kids includes 5 downloadable pdf's.  But this challenge is unique in that each day includes a deep dive to go deeper in to understanding, and application of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology (BaZi)  You can choose to just do simple application or go deeper in the DEEP DIVES to get bigger results.