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Whether you learn by reading, listening or watching, Candice makes it easy. Join for daily tips, info and Feng Shui related facts 

Feng Shui by Candice 

 available on YouTube


Find me on YouTube for more in depth explanations and weekly videos on all things Feng Shui related. Classical Feng Shui taking out the myth and superstition.


Free videos and full color downloadable PDF

These 5 day challenges are designed to get you started thinking about things thru a new perspective. 

EASY to understand content on how to apply Feng Shui at a simple level. 

Designed for the beginner or newbie Feng Shui. Or maybe you'd just like to spruce up your space? The 5 day challenges are fun and simple.

Designed to start you shifting your perspective about your environment. 


Tips and fun stuff


Join me for a (mostly) daily Feng Shui tip of the day.  

Five minute Feng Shui by Candice was started to give quick daily tips but it quickly grew into covering fun facts and a bit history. I  work to dispel the myths and superstitions surrounding Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. All fact. No BS.

Just REAL Feng Shui

*You can now add it to your daily Flash briefing on your Alexa device

Go more in depth

Articles for all levels of Feng Shui knowledge 

Feng Shui by Candice aims to educate by dispelling myths & superstitions and make Feng Shui relatable.


Feng Shui is about your environment and the way you use it. Not what is in it. 


Feng Shui is NOT placing out items. That is  "Feng Shui inspired" interior design 

Recommended for business owners:

Check out the FREE  5 Day Business Challenge

Videos and Full color downloadable newsletter ans astep by step guide included for all 5 days! 

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**** All donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and will be used for equipment upgrades  ****

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