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Learn in depth, more advanced theory with these pre-recorded classes. 

Once purchased you'll be able to set up a Q&A time to discuss questions you may have. Descriptions below. 

Tai Chi (small chi) Flying Star Method:

This class will teach you how to use fling stars to position furniture to tap into the best energy of the room. It can also be used to fix a potentially "bad" star combination. 

  • Using the Best energies of a room

  • Review the LouShu

  • Superimpose the tai chi chart over your floor plan

  • Find notable flying star combinations 

  • Using a better energy for yearly afflictions  

  • Noting internal and external forms

  • Forms vs Formula

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Yi Jing (IChing) Trigrams and the Xuan Kong DaGua:

This class focuses on associations made with the YiJing Trigrams and palaces. You'll also get an introduction into the Xuan Kong DaGua. This will take your understanding to a deeper level and give you specific area in the home to focus on to make a BIG impact. 

  • ​Brief History

  • The Trigrams,

  • Associations made with trigrams and palaces 

  • Time Cycles

  • Xuan Kong DaGua intro

  • Applying and using the information for Feng Shui

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