Class List:

In addition to doing private sessions, I do talks as well as teach classes on Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics at your venue.

Contact me (806) 855-3742 directly

OR chat with me below to find out more. 

**Classes can also be held online**

1 class or discussion on Feng Shui basics typically addressing 1 subject or area for the beginner or newbie to Feng Shui.

Prices vary by class size. 

 *I don't typically charge to do informational talks.   

Intro into Feng Shui

Workplace Fengs Shui 

You'll learn how to improve your workspace even if you work from home! You'll also learn about important subjects such as desk and register placement.  

Bedroom Feng Shui 

Learn why your bedroom is used to assess your health and relationships. We'll also discuss bed placement and positon in yor room. As well as tips for keeping your room relaxing 

*Pair well with some friends and a glass of wine

Read your personal energy 

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? BaZi or the 4 pillars of destiny can help you understand yourself better. I'll simplify by starting you off only looking at one area. 

And More...

These are just a few talks and classes I teach. To learn more call me or message me on the chat feature on the bottom right. 

In the in depth classes, we'll go into Feng Shui theory, as well as a bit more advanced concepts. 

*Generally taught in a series of 2-4 classes. Minimum or 10 students.

Prices vary

Feng  Shui in Depth

4 Pillars in Depth

Learn more in depth about what each of the 4 pillars mean. As well as some theory. Learn how each part relates to life. 

Learn Basic Feng Shui for Your Home

Learn some basic Feng Shui principles as well as easy to plan timing to implement your changes.  

8 Sectors of Your Home

Go further into Feng Shui and learn what each of the 8 areas or directions (sectors) in your home mean and how they can be used. 

And More...

These are just in depth classes I teach. To learn more call me or message me on the chat feature on the bottom right.