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Our gift to you on your special day. 

Enjoy 50% off a unique Birthday Reading from a Chinese Astrology Expert

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You'll receive 


  • Your 4 animal signs

  • How they relate to each area of your life

  • Answer the question on your mind

What's Included:

1 Prerecorded video answering your questions and a brief Q&A chat session 

 A PDF copy of your 4 Animal signs
 1 a semi-precious stone EMPOWERMENT bracelet with the purchase of a reading

a $50 value for $25!


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Real results for Real Life

After looking at my chart, Candice helped me to figure out some issues about family and work balance where myself and my husband were not seeing eye to eye. After learning from Candice more about myself & husbands bazi, I was able to take a different approach with an increased understanding to remedy the situation. My husband and I then implemented some easy changes in our schedule that made sense & allowed for more of what we both wanted. I would never have thought that Bazi would be the answer to changing my “standoff situation” with total ease.

- Amanda Finch

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Most people know their animal "sign" of the year they were born, however there's a lot more to this 2000 year old art of Chinese Astrology than just looking at the year you're born or even just your animal signs. A BaZi (Natal) reading looks at all aspects of the day you were born like a snapshot in time, this gives you a detailed view of your own personal energy giving you accurate reading 


This can be applied to all aspects of life such as relationships, communication, attracting or meeting a potential partner, career or work issues, or creating wealth opportunity for yourself.

Life's twists and turn can navigated by looking at your personal energy and the action you can take will lead you to feel empowered, instead of stuck. Your birthday is a celebration of life and there's no better time to plan the action you can take to make this a great year. for yourself .


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