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Candice Berlanga is based in west Texas.  VIA Feng Shui Training and Mentoring, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild and now a lifelong student of Chinese metaphysics.  Her business Feng Shui by Candice, focuses on Feng Shui And Chinese Metaphysics for Business growth and strategy. 


Candice is dedicated to educating the public about Feng Shui.  Her podcast "Five minute Feng Shui by Candice" was started to raise awareness about what Feng Shui REALLY is. She does this by removing myth and superstition and teaching the reason for these misconceptions, as well as tips on how to use Feng Shui, history and some fun facts about Chinese Metaphysics. You can also find a longer form, videos of her Feng Shui teachings on YouTube.  Her passions include anything with 4 legs, being outdoors, her family, and of course Feng Shui. 

Personal Energy
Work and business strategy 

Feng Shui By Candice was created to educate others and bring the ancient practice of Feng Shui to West Texas. To better my life and the life of those around me through the practice of creating harmony through the use of Feng Shui. I plan to be a pioneer for the area and spread the awareness of it's benefits and dispel misconception and superstition surrounding Feng Shui.  Many Feng Shui practitioners rely on items or pure intent to change the environment yet the most effective results come from the traditional Eastern practices that have been passed down for thousands of years. Feng Shui in Eastern traditions is essentially geomancy and reading the environment, and doesn't include spiritual practices.  


No doubt you've heard the term anywhere from TV to Interior design. While many think of it in terms of furniture placement or decor it's actually much more. Feng Shui is an umbrella term for Chinese Metaphysics, can be used for:


  • Selecting dates: anything to getting married to applying for a new job or even moving. 

  • Selecting a location to build a home, move to or relocate an office

  • Reading your birthday including time to see what your strengths and weakness are

  • Predict the outcome of Business ventures. This helps you strategize you plan of action to achieve you goals in business. Known as QiMen DunJia (pronounced "Chi-men dune-ja") A Chinese Forecasting system used to predict the outcome of battles in the Ming Dynasty. This is now used in modern times to forecast business decisions and plan strategy. 

  • Long term Feng Shui can be used to set up an office or home to negate unwanted energies and enhance the good qualities. 

By looking at your natal chart a personal energy reading can tell you a lot about yourself and help you achieve goals by

showing you your strengths and helping you build on them in relation to various areas of your life

  • Relationships: Harmony and communication 

  • Health: Helping you find the right Doctor as well as self education and awareness of  you issues

  • Work

  • Education

Adjust your environment to support your goals with Feng Shui for your home OR business. 

  • ​Address sleep issues

  • Best desk or work placement

  • Promote Harmony and well being

  • Promote self motivation and inner peace

My aim is to make Feng Shui relatable and simple for anyone to use, as well as remove superstition. consume your fine shui in the most convenient way.


  • Podcast; Five minute   Feng Shui by Candice

  • Youtube; Videos  in longer form content

(101) Addressing basics 

(201) Advanced more technical theory Feng Shui Superstition and Myth Busting 

I'm looking to form a Mastermind Group

 with other Classical practitioners 

looking to go deeper in their studies of advanced 

Feng Shui but feel stuck. I'd  love to be able to also share schools of thought, maybe in a monthly or

bi -monthly zoom call

Let's talk! 

Feng shui

for home and 


Personal Energy