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Considering a  Feng Shui


Maybe you're considering a Feng Shui consultation and have questions about what is involved. Before we even apply Feng Shui which only adjusts your environment, you need to look at your personal energy. That's why a 15 minute phone call is perfect for anyone considering services. You simply schedule you call and provide your date of birth, and you'll receive a 15 minute consultation regarding your personal energy. 

Why an Astrology reading for Feng Shui?


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The 3 most common issue I get asked about are relationships, career and finance. These are just a few of the issues you may be looking to improve and may be considering Feng Shui as an alternative method. By looking at your personal energy we'll able to identify why you may be experiencing these issues and get you on the path to taking control and getting unstuck. It all starts with you. 

Do you need clarity in one of these areas of life?  


  • Career; Work relationships, Promotion, Changing companies, Starting a new business.

  • Finance; The way you relate to finances, Creating wealth opportunity

  • Relationships; Communication, How you can BEST relate to your partner OR if you're single attracting a partner


A free 15 minute consultation will help do 3 things: 

1. Provide clarity and insight

2. Give you an action step
3.  Show you results 


These are just a few examples, you're not limited to one of these topics. A Feng Shui consultation can help with a wide variety of issue and an 15 minute phone call is a starting point.