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Getting started with Feng Shui can be simple. Just focusing on a key areas and making a few adjustments will allow you to feel an immediate shift in your space.


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" After my (energy mapping) call I was able to understand where the areas in my house were and then easily follow the guide 


Ready to Feel A Shift In Your Home? 

Here's how it works 

Step 1:

  • Download the free PDF above and take a fresh look at your space 

Step 2:

  •  Fill the form out​ & measure the direction your house FACES with the compass (found on most smart phones) 

  • Upload you Floor Plan

You'll receive: 

  • Energy Mapping of your floorpan for EASY FENG SHUI APPLICATION 

  •  An EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE to each Feng Shui area AND you'll have a better understanding which areas of your home supports you and how to "Feng Shui " them. This also allows you to follow along with content. 

Steps 1&2 are FREE OF CHARGE to help you understand how the energy in your house flows and how to use it. 1 Floorpan per client. Allow up to 24-48 hrs for a response due to demand.

Additional paid options are available for a more personalized analysis. 

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