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Achieving your Goals

Bring Clarity to Your Situaution: 

The best way to learn more is to book a discovery call. A discovery call gives you the chance to ask questions about how the services work.

You can also ask questions about your situation and gain insight and clarity in this free 15 minute no obligation, consultation.


**Discovery calls are free of change and must be limited to 15 minutes  

Align Your


Applying Feng Shui to your home or business gives you remarkable results. But Feng Shui is NOT magic. The way I describe Feng Shui is the vibe you get from a space, this can be changed by applying Feng Shui. Feng Shui helps you align your space to benefit YOU!

Questions to ask your self. 

Do you want... 

  • Better sleep quality? 

  • Harmonious relationships?

  • Identify more income opportunities?  

  • Better flow in you space?  

  • Sleep well?

  • A better outlook on life? 

feng shui consultation

Learn Feng Shui

Discover Feng Shui in a easy to understand, superstition free way. 

With Blogs, Videos, Podcast and an Interactive Forum, you'll be able to find information to help you understand Feng Shui



"With Candice's help with business strategies I've been able to navigate and strategize how to change my business model, when there's too many competitors focused in one area of the market" - Oscar

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Feng Shui on the Go

Learn Feng shui

   Feng Shui is a much misunderstood 

subject, but the term is well known. To make it relatable, Candice provides valuable information in an easy to understand way, for those new to Feng Shui and a new perspective for other enthusiasts .

 Candice knows your time is valuable, for your convenience, 

Feng Shui by Candice also provides easy to use tips and information in a variety of ways.


Podcasts, Videoarticles and much MORE all available here 

Education and Classes

Commitment to education

You can dive deeper into to the subject of Feng Shui & Chinese Metaphysics with a class or educational talk presented by Candice. 

  • Introduce the subject of Feng Shui to beginners

  • Deep dive into more advanced topics for those wanting to learn more

 Here you can view a list of topics Candice can cover BUT she can also cover much more.

**Virtual Classes Available** 


In addition to education & content, Candice offers Feng Shui coaching  for:

  • Business consultations: Feng Shui for your work space     -Promote effective work interaction and relationships       -Create or identify wealth and financial OPPORTUNITY

  • Business Strategy:  One time or on going support. 

       - Strategy for business transactions 

  •  Feng Shui for life goals (Currently ONLY  accepting 1 more client for portfolio)

  • Location selection: Selection the BEST Feng Shui home or business location                                                                        - Can be done remotely 

  • Personal development consultations for  growing a business (Currently accepting 3 clients for portfolio)

  • Timing for businesses. Moving, locations, launching,  grand openings and more.

Suggested reading: Getting  started with Feng Shui


How does Feng Shui Work? 

**** All donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and will be used for equipment upgrades  ****

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