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Follow the link for your downloadable PDF for applying Feng Shui to your business! Wether you have a store front or work from home, this free 8 page guide will get you started with some FAST, EASY tips you can implement right away.

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 Feng Shui by Candice is based in Lubbock, Texas. It was founded to fulfill a need she saw to educate and bring awareness to my area, as well as make it understandable and relevant   Especially after finding many misconception and superstition tied to Feng Shui. She explains why Feng Shui is effective and...


  • Business consultations

  • Business Strategy 

  •  Feng Shui for life goals (Currently ONLY  accepting 1 more client for portfolio)

  • Location selection based on energy patterns

  • Personal development consultations for   growing a business (Currently accepting 3 clients for portfolio)

  • Timing for businesses. Moving, locations, launching,  grand openings and more.

Feng Shui is a much misunderstood 

subject, but the term is well known. To make it relatable, Candice provides valuable information in an easy to understand way, for those new to Feng Shui and a new perspective for other enthusiasts .

 Candice knows your time is valuable, for your convenience

Feng Shui by Candice also provides easy to use  tips and information in a variety of ways. Podcasts, Videoarticles and much MORE all available here 

The goal of Feng Shui by Candice is to increase awareness of real Feng Shui. Learn why the ancient Chinese developed this practice and why it's still practiced today. I offer classes or group discussions on a variety of Feng Shui  based topics.


 Here you can view a list of topics Candice can cover BUT she can also cover much more. 


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